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The best Steam Deck games

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The Steam Deck (and the shinier, newer Steam Deck OLED) has become a constant PC gaming companion for our desktops. There are some games we’d now much rather play on the Deck, and sometimes we’d just rather be on the couch than sitting upright. In mid-2023 the Deck passed 10,000 Steam games marked either Verified or Playable, meaning they’re a good experience on the gaming handheld, which is great. And that number keeps growing which is also great! But it is becoming harder and harder to decide what to play on it as the library swells.

What’s not just good on the Deck, but great on the Deck? What should you absolutely play on the Steam Deck instead of the Nintendo Switch? Those are the recommendations we’re making here. The best Steam Deck games are those ideally suited to portable gaming as well as the Steam Deck’s flexible power and control options.

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