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Lisa Frankenstein review: “A slick, sick ride”

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John Hughes’ Brat Pack movies meet Mary Shelley’s Gothic classic in this high-concept comedy, scripted by Juno and Jennifer’s Body scribe Diablo Cody. Set in 1989, it centers on Lisa (Kathryn Newton), a high-schooler who lives with her father (Joe Chrest), stepmother (Carla Gugino) and stepsister Taffy (Liza Soberano), yet prefers to spend her time at the local cemetery among the tombstones. 

Though she has a crush on the hunky editor of the school lit magazine (Henry Eikenberry), Lisa soon finds her real love – at the graveyard – when a corpse (Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse) comes back to life. He doesn’t speak and cries tears that smell like vomit. Nevertheless, hiding him at home in her closet, Lisa is smitten – and becomes more so as things get increasingly macabre. 

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