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Best Puzzle Games on PS4

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What are the best puzzle games on PS4? It’s a big question; there are so many of the darned things that it can be hard to narrow it down. If you enjoy a game that tests your grey matter, you’re certainly well served on PS4.

Puzzle games can take a few different forms. The classic examples of puzzlers are things like Tetris Effect or Lumines Remastered — more arcade-like experiences that are all about racking up points. There are still a few of these kicking around, and they’re just as addictive and satisfying to play today.

However, puzzles aren’t always about falling blocks and matching tiles. They’re often interwoven with other genres, particularly adventure games or platformers. The result is a wide selection of games like Inside, Return of the Obra Dinn, and The Witness that incorporate puzzles into their worlds. There are some truly great examples of puzzle games on PS4, and we need your help to sort the wheat from the chaff.

All the games featured here are ranked and rated by Push Square readers like you. By finding and rating your favourite puzzle games, you will directly impact the shape of this list. Clicking the star icon next to each game will allow you to pick a rating, and you can do the same by visiting individual game pages.

The below search bar will allow you to easily locate PS4 puzzle games you want to rate:

Note: Games need a minimum of 15 individual ratings to be included in this guide. If a favourite of yours is missing from the page, odds are it just needs more ratings before it shows up.

Below is a list of the best puzzle games on PS4, as ranked and rated by the Push Square community.

One of EA’s first “indie” games was Unravel, a cutesy puzzle platformer that quickly became a cult hit. Unravel Two offers more of that same charm and whimsy, only this time with optional two-player co-op. The result is a lovely, straightforward game with some nifty co-op puzzles to overcome. It doesn’t offer up much of a challenge, but the sweet Yarny characters and well-rendered natural environments make this a good one to play with younger family.

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