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‘Kingdom Eighties’ Overcomes Danger by Building Bases With Childhood Buddies

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Kingdom Eighties is an 80’s-inspired base-building game where you need to protect your town against greed while helping your friends and learning more about your family.

You play as a young character called The Leader who rides their bike, moving quickly from one side of the screen to the other, recruiting children to help you build bases. These bases can be upgraded, weapons can be forged, and tools can be made for your kid helpers to use.

Kingdom Eighties

At first, there isn’t really an explanation as to why the Greed are appearing or why they are destroying the land that you live on, but you will need to stop them anyway. Recruiting children is easy, but they often get captured by the Greed, so having bigger kids to help your mission is what you will end up needing to do. Each of the additional, key characters in the game have a quest that needs to be completed so that they will help you.

These various characters also come with a story to give you more of an insight on who these people are and how they are related to you and your adventure. This, I am told, also dives into the lore and worldbuilding of the previous games in the series, giving you a new look on what you have previously seen in the other games.

I had a chance to play a limited demo of Kingdom Eighties, where I really fell in love with the visual and the beauty of the game, but stuck around for the pieces of story that can be uncovered through growing your base and helping your friends. Kingdom Eighties feels like a very well polished, balanced, fun to play game – and it’s not even out yet! It’s very much worth keeping an eye on.

Kingdom Eighties is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist.

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