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‘Moonstone Island’ is a Creature-Collecting Life Sim

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Moonstone Island is a slice of life adventure game where you can fly to dozens of islands to gather local oddball creatures, grow gardens, and romance the locals.

Moonstone Island is a massive game with a lot to explore. You get to fly between several islands, discovering places and getting to know the locals during your year away from home. These different islands have themes to them, resources that are specific to the area, and critters that you can collect.

moonstone island - several people fishing on a dock

Creature collection is done through card-based battles when a creature collides with the player. You select your cards in a turn-based mini-game, looking to cause the other creature to faint before yours does. You can catch the ones that have fainted, and also make your monster stronger along the way. When it comes to collecting your little creatures, you can store some of them in a large building, feeding them and taking them out when you want to battle with them.

There is also a big relationship aspect to the game, which reminds me a bit of Stardew Valley. You can give gifts and try to talk (or flirt) with these characters. If you do well at catching their interest, you might find yourself on a date where you need to go to a specific island to meet up with your potential love. If you end up fainting or losing track of time, you might end up standing someone up.

I only got the chance to play a glimpse of Moonstone Island, but I saw enough of the game for it to really catch my interest. If you are someone who likes slice of life games and titles like Stardew Valley, you will find yourself sinking far too many hours into this game, too.

Moonstone Island is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist.

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