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Square Enix President Orders Development Review to Improve Quality of Future Games

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Square Enix has ordered a complete review of its developmental pipeline to increase the quality of future games and streamline, optimise, and synergise its way into increased profit margins. That’s under the direction of Square Enix Holdings president Takashi Kiryu, responsible for the company’s “aggressive” pivot to AI, who announced the news during Square Enix’s latest financial results briefing.

Bloomberg reports that Kiryu’s comments indicate a new strategy of self-reliance for the combination publisher/developer as it attempts to reduce the need to outsource development. During a conference call held on Monday, Kiryu said: “We are reviewing from scratch what the organisational structure is to materialise the contents of the pipeline and what is best.” It doesn’t sound like we’ll have too long to wait and see what form this shakeup will take, either, with Kiryu narrowing things down further: “We will announce it at least this spring.”

Kiryu only joined Square Enix in 2020 and, at just 49 years young, has risen rapidly through the ranks of the old guard. He was appointed President and Representative Director of Square Enix Holdings itself last year, the apex of the company’s Corporate Governance structure. Naoki Yoshida recently voiced a desire to inject fresh blood into the ageing company, and we imagine this is just the beginning. That Kiryu is ordering a review of the company’s production pipeline while simultaneously trumpeting the wonders of generative tech is a potential cause for concern for our beloved RPG factory, so rest assured we’ll monitor the situation closely.

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